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Currently out of stock until early 2023. To pre-order, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The new SIGNAL BOX (YELLOW) portable tester can test lines and equipment in both digital and analogue formats.

It also features a loudspeaker and a headphone socket to allow audible testing and proving of an embedded audio signal on the incoming video stream.

Enclosed in a palm-sized box this compact and powerful testers is so ergonomic that it can be easily operated using just one hand thanks to the navigation keypad.

The box has soft moulded grips and can either fit into the pocket or can be stored in a pouch and carried on your belt.

Thanks to the OLED screen, along with the logical menus, the SIGNAL BOX is very user-friendly, especially for something so small.

It operates on two AA batteries, which is a deliberate design choice avoiding reliance on built in rechargable batteries which may not be ready to go when you are!

In addition, it features a small external DC power socket between the two BNC's (polarity protected 2.1mm +ve centre pin). Also included with the signal box is a power connector with screw terminals so that the user can create their own cable to allow the unit to accept an external power source, the accepted voltage range is from 5v to 17.5 v dc.

Spec in brief:

Video Output: 14 test patterns (Pluge, Bars, Pathological and full colour rasters) (3G SDI, HD SDI, SD SDI, CVBS)

2 lines of text and a moving cursor can be overlaid onto video output

Fully conforms to SMPTE standards (28 video output formats)

Genlock output (Black and Burst or Tri-LEvel Synch)

Audio Output: 1 to 8 channels of audio can be embedded onto the SDI output signal

Each pair can be individually configured to output Sine, Triangular or Square wave

Of each pair, either both channels or one channel can be set to be 'broken' every 2 seconds.

Additional tones available: Glits, Blits, or any discrete frequency from 20Hz to 20kHz can be chosen in 1Hz steps

Video Input: 3G SDI, HD SDI and SD SDI signals can be detected and displayed on the monitor screen.

Black and Burst input to confirm signal presence

CVBS Input

Audio Input: 1 to 16 channels of embedded audio can be displayed on a bar graph, with dBFS scale.

All embedded channels can be routed to headphones or the built in loudspeaker

Speaker and Headphone Socket: Includes an internal, rear-mounted 29mm dia, 8 Ohm, ABS 'speaker with Mylar cone

Speaker Output: Mono single channels can be routed to 'speaker

Autosensing headphone socket that cuts speaker output (Can be over-ridden in menus)

Power: 2 x AA Batteries

External DC Socket (5 to 16 volts)

Screw in terminal plug supplied to increase the options available for external power.

For full details and specification, please see the SIGNAL BOX TECH SHEET at this link