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Sony Viewfinder Adaptor

Convert SDI to a standard Sony viewfinder socket as found on many Broadcast cameras
Sony viewfinder adaptor
Sony viewfinder adaptor
Sony viewfinder adaptor
Sony viewfinder adaptor
Sony viewfinder adaptor
Sony viewfinder adaptor
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Viewfinder Adaptor Board OEM InstructionsThis kit will convert HD-SDI from a BNC and convert it to Y, Pb, Pr. This output can then be used on an HDVF-20A Sony Viewfinder.


An ideal application for this is to convert a Sony HDC-P1 camera into a handheld, saving a little weight and a lot of cost compared to, say, a Sony HDC-1500 or HDC-2500. It will also work with any HD-SDI source.


The board will also provide Power to the viewfinder and pass a Red and Green Tally to the Viewfinder.


The Initial HD-SDI is also Looped back out on a second BNC. This may then be used for an RF- Link or a second monitor or external recording device. This loop-out is also a re-clocked output.


There are three boards;


Main Video Converter

Viewfinder Connector

Power & Tally Connector


The Viewfinder Connector Board has been tested with a Sony HDVF-20A Viewfinder.


Viewfinder Board 1 no text



It is available either as an OEM component, which is the three PCB's pictured above, or pre-fitted into an enclosure for easy fitting to the camera or system of your choice.


Viewfinder Enclosure


Viewfinder Adaptor Board OEM Instructions

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